What you need to know about the Eyeliner Tattoo: The Secret to the Most Perfect Gaze

Did you ever wonder about how celebrities get those much-envied eyeliner makeup? And how many hours does it take them to get those perfect eyes? If you are not a famous celebrity and cannot afford to hire beauty stylists around the clock, how can you achieve the perfect eyeliner to enhance your eyes? Getting an eyeliner tattoo might do the trick.

What you need to know about the Eyeliner Tattoo
Facts about Eyeliner Tattoo: The Secret to the Most Perfect Gaze

If you are not blessed with makeup skills or if your hands have a crazy grip on things, doing your eyeliner will be quite the challenge. If you have an erratic schedule and do not have the luxury of time to apply the perfect eyeliner every waking day, an eyeliner tattoo will be the answer to all your woes.
But before people decide to get one, they try to get to know more about the process behind the eyeliner tattoo. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that women have about this beautifying procedure.

Dose Eyeliner Tattoo hurt?

It is a daunting experience for any lady as they would think that the area around the areas are very sensitive and delicate to touch. The fear and apprehensions are understandable. However, it is comforting to know that beauty experts apply extra cautionary measures to make the experience as painless as possible. Artists apply a topical anaesthetic on the lash lines to remove the pain. After some time, around 10 to 15 minutes, the experts would begin adding on the pigment in between the customer’s lashes. Once the color has fully rested into the lash bed, that is when the customization starts – depending on the customer’s preferences.

Dose Eyeliner Tattoo hurt?
What you need to know about the Eyeliner Tattoo

Is it safe?

The process of applying the eyeliner tattoo may sound terrifying. It is a scary thought especially if you do not find the best beauty experts to work on their eyeliner tattoo. The artist hired should have sufficient skills and training to do this delicate work of art.

Is it customizable?

Artists can customize the eyeliner tattoo according to the customer’s liking. But for the interest of the customer, artists prefer to keep the basic design of the eyeliner tattoo. Experts would also like the end result of their work as the base for the women’s eye makeup. Pigments are difficult to remove once embedded into the skin. It is a smart move to stick the pigmentation within the lash line.

about eyeliner tattoo
The secret of the eyeliner tattoo

Is aftercare important?

After getting your eyeliner tattoo, you should be responsible with how you take care of your eyes. Let your eye area completely heal. Afterwards, you can use a mild cleanser for your tidying up needs. Also, exert all efforts to refrain rubbing your eyes or touching the eye area. Additionally, artists provide ointments for the customers’ aftercare needs.

Do you need a retouch?

Customers must also remember that the initial tattoo will appear dark and will fade eventually through time. Due to this effect, many women will feel tempted to get retouching services on their eyeliner tattoo. The recommended number of years to do an upkeep or retouch is between one to five years. But it also depends on how thick and pigmented your eyeliner tattoo is.

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