Full of knowledge Fibroblast Plasma Course Melbourne on 2 days

Fibroblast Course Melbourne includes a full of knowledge, both theoretical and hands-on practical. You can learn about how to use the plasma pen, determine treatment areas, and keep hygienic during treatment. Just on a 2-day in-person course, you can be proficient in Fibroblast treatment and work as a cosmetic artist with a completion certificate. Let’s now join the Fibroblast Course Melbourne.

The overview of the Fibroblast training Course Melbourne

Enhancing beauty without surgery is more useful than other similar techniques. Fibroblast plasma pen treatments are a non-invasive and effective way to reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. They can also be used to treat other skin conditions, such as acne scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. The Fibroblast course Melbourne will teach the use of other aesthetic devices, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and skin needling. You will practice on the orange peel, and then you will do a full treatment on two live models. After all of the courses, you will get the completion certificate.

fibroblast course melbourne

All about Fibroblast Training Program in Melbourne

If you’re interested in learning more about the courses offered in Melbourne to become a fibroblast plasma pen technician, I strongly advise you to do your study.

Course Inclusions

Let’s see five compositions that are included in the Fibroblast Course Melbourne:

  • The professional Kit + Premium Plamere Plasma Pen 
  • 2 more days of work at the EDA Salon as a complimentary Pro Graduate Membership
  • Full online courses of EDA, supporting an in-person course
  • Lifetime assistance by expert trainers
  • Discount of 10% for nearly 1,000 beauty products from the EDA online shop

Discovering what is in the Professional Kit is priced at $3,000

  • 1x Professional Premium Plamere Plasma Pen
  • Customer Forms
  • Client Aftercare Forms
  • Five Fibroblast Needles
  • Training Guide in its entirety
Professional Plasma kit

Cost of Fibroblast Plasma Course Melbourne Content

Content of Fibroblast Course Melbourne will include both theory and hands-on practice, especially relating to practice full treatment on live models

The full therapy is as below:

  • The theory of Fibroblast (its work, benefit, and effect of plasma on human skin)
  • Skin types according to Fitzpatrick and treatment appropriateness
  • Requirements of legal
  • Insurance of treatment
  • The use of plasma devices and instructions
  • Safety and hygiene during treatment
  • Determination of treatment areas
  • Full-face treatment, including all procedures and techniques
  • The contraindications of treatment
  • Reaction of plasma/fibroblast treatment
  • Awareness of mistakes in treatment
  • Steps for making Fibroblast treatment
  • The consent form of clients
  • Intrusions for pre&post care
  • Therapy Cost Guide
  • Setting up the workspace and equipment, and assembling the machine and its attachments. 
  • Consultation, document, and plan process
  • Safe in treating pain relief and numbing agents
plasma fibroblast training course melbourne

The content for practicing Fibroblast Course Melbourne:

  • Guidelines for training on oranges
  • Demonstration of full treatment on live model by Master Trainer
  • Application of two live models by students
  • Post-care instruction, feedback, discussion, and Q&A
  • Photography treatment on social media (before & after)
  • Completion Certification

Cost of Fibroblast Plasma Training Course Melbourne

Course & Premium Plamere Plasma Pen

AUD 4,500
  • include GST

Course & BYO Plasma Pen

AUD 4,000
  • include GST

Deposit: 1500$

Our Plasma pen training course is just limited to 4 students per class.

And of course, there are no requirements for the Fibroblast Course Melbourne. Don’t worry, let’s join the course if you don’t have any experience or beauty therapy knowledge.

Eye Design Academy Support Team

If you are considering taking a fibroblast course in Melbourne, be sure to ask about the support that the course offers to its students. This will help you choose a course that will provide you with the support you need to succeed.  With support from expert trainers, you can ensure that you get the most out of your fibroblast plasma pen training course and become a successful fibroblast plasma pen technician.


Pre-support can be a valuable resource for students who are taking a fibroblast course Melbourne. It can help students feel more prepared for the course and get the most out of their learning experience. 

  • Introduction whole process of learning
  • Discuss your needs and requirements in the course
  • Let you sign and pay tuition fees


Any fibroblast course Melbourne training must include in-support as a fundamental component. It aids students in gaining the expertise and knowledge necessary to work successfully as fibroblast plasma pen technicians.  

  • Support devotedly in each stage
  • Give honest feedback after doing on an orange peel or live model
  • Assist in seeking the live models


After completing a fibroblast course in Melbourne, students may find post-support to be a useful resource. Students may benefit from it in order to find employment, advance their careers as fibroblast plasma pen technicians, learn new things, and develop their skills.

  • Give certificates to learners
  • Discount 10% products for learners
  • Introduce the Pro Graduate Membership and Skill Accelerator Program (SAP) to help learners work at the salon and advance their skill

Why should you choose the plasma fibroblast course at Eye Design Academy Melbourne?

Eye Design Academy is a leading provider of Fibroblast courses Melbourne, so you can be confident that you are learning from the best. The Fibroblast course Melbourne is a comprehensive and well-taught course that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful fibroblast artist.

  • Sale course cost: The cost will be discounted by about $1,000. Please be quickly because it has limited time. 
  • The most modern techniques: Eye Design Academy guarantees that they will train their students using the most up-to-date methods. And the students can use this knowledge without being out-of-date in the future. 
  • Pro Graduate Membership: When you complete the course, you can work at an EDA salon and get discounts on many beauty products and future courses. You can access networking meetups and workshops to improve your skills.
  • Skill Accelerator Program (SAP): If you want to improve and advance your skills, you can join the SAP program. Which is personalized trained, gives one-on-one feedback, and allows for full treatment of models. Also, you can be provided the models or your customers to evaluate you.
  • Cancellation Policy: You can postpone and change the date you work if you are busy. Please pay attention to announcing the salon to preview. Also, you should pay the remaining tuition fees due in 2 weeks by cash, bank transfer, or credit card the phone.

The achievement of the students


What is a fibroblast course?

A fibroblast course is a training program that teaches students how to perform fibroblast treatments. Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that uses plasma energy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

How long is a fibroblast course?

Fibroblast courses Melbourne typically last for two days for all knowledge of the Fibroblast Course.

How much does a fibroblast course cost?

You can reference 2 ranges of prices of the Fibroblast course in Eye Design 

  • Course and Premium Plamere Plasma Pen:  $4,500 incl. GST 
  • Course only (BYO Plasma Pen): $4,000 incl. GST
Once I complete a fibroblast course, will I be certified?

Most fibroblast courses offer certificates of completion. However, there is no national certification program for fibroblast technicians.

What is the job outlook for fibroblast technicians?

The job outlook for fibroblast technicians is very promising. The demand for fibroblast treatment is growing, and there is a shortage of qualified technicians.

How do I find a good fibroblast course in Melbourne?

When choosing a fibroblast course in Melbourne, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • The reputation of the provider
  • The qualifications of the instructor
  • The length and content of the course
  • The cost of the course

Eye Design Academy has all of the requirements of a prestigious salon that you can consider to learn Fibroblast Course Melbourne.

Lara Vu
Lara Vu

Lara Vu is a highly experienced Master Artist in PMU (Permanent Makeup) with over a decade of expertise. Her skills encompass various beauty treatments, including eyelash extensions, skin treatments, and teeth whitening. Lara Vu is not only dedicated to perfecting her craft but also loves sharing her knowledge with others.

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