Nano Hairstrokes Course in Melbourne: Expert Training & Unique Benefits

Eye Design Academy’s Nano Hairstrokes Course in Melbourne provides in-depth instruction and special advantages. Lara Vu has taught for more than 15 years, and her methods are well-known all around the world. Regardless of your level of experience, this course offers individualized instruction to ensure a personalized learning environment. Students receive a thorough beginning kit and credentials upon graduation to help them start their professions. After you graduate, Eye Design Academy remains committed to you by providing continuous assistance to help you succeed in the Nano Hairstrokes industry. Don’t pass up this chance to become an expert in cosmetic tattoo artistry’s cutting-edge methods.

The overview of the Nano Hairstrokes course Melbourne

Our course in Melbourne focuses on the unique #REALBROW Nano hairstrokes which our acclaimed founder, Lara Vu painstakingly created the course for training to help people who want to attend the cosmetic industry. Enrolling in our highly rated Hairstrokes Nano Brows course will give you the skills to provide this remarkable technique at the cutting edge of innovation and artistry, positioning you as a trailblazer in the Australian beauty industry.

With our specialized training, you may distinguish yourself as a leader in the Nano Hairstrokes industry and enhance your professional brand.

Our extensive course provides a variety of useful tools, including a thorough course manual, client consultation forms and methods, custom lip tattoo designs, and thorough instructions for the full treatment process.

nano machine hairstrokes training melbourne

All about nano hairstrokes brow course Melbourne

The Eye Design Academy’s renowned instructors have more than ten years of professional expertise, and they provide our students with priceless insights. You will learn the most cutting-edge Nano Hairstrokes methods and fashions, helping you to stay on the cutting edge of this fascinating subject

Course Inclusions

With our Nano Hairstrokes Brows Course Melbourne, you can access a world of benefits! This is what you’ll receive:

  • Professional Nano Hairstrokes Brows kit with Tattoo Machine (worth $1,800) is the first bonus.
  • Complete access to our online course as a learning aid to help you remember what you’ve learned.
  • Lifetime student assistance from our knowledgeable instructors. 
  • A permanent 10% discount on all 1,000+ items in our online store.
nano hairstroke kit

Nano eyebrow course Melbourne Content

In 2 days of nano eyebrow course melbourne what will you learn:

  • Before and aftercare nano hairstrokes treatment
  • Practice on latex (fake skin)
  • Full client consultation procedures
  • Maximizing client retention
  • Study about fundamental color and pigment mixing
  • Learn how to skin stretching techniques and pressure
  • Adjust the correct needle depth, grip and pressure
  • Learn hand movement and position
  • Trainer full treatment live demonstration on a live model
  • Student hands-on training on up to 2 live models* (full treatments)
  • Lighting setup and the EDA photo-taking technique for your social media
  • Live Q&A during every stage of the training, sharing all tips and tricks during demonstrations and hands-on practice
  • How to become an effective nano hairstrokes artist
  • Keep hygiene in treatment and manage the pain for your clients during treatment
SAP Skill Accelerator Program at EDA

Cost of Nano machine hairstrokes training Melbourne

Course and Basic Kit

(BYO Tattoo Machine)
AUD 4,200
  • include GST

Course and Pro Kit

(EDP Fusion Tattoo Machine)
AUD 4,500
  • include GST

>>> Click Enrol Now to pay a deposit of about $1,500. You should consult with a professional expert before taking Nano brow courses Melbourne by clicking Get Info Pack for additional information.

Enrollment in this course does not require any prior training in Beauty Therapy or certification. However, getting the Maintaining Infection Control Standards certification (SHBBIN002 / HLTINF005) is required in order to operate as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Australia. We provide the option to complete this certification through us for an additional $500 cost as an optional benefit.

You will get complete administrative support from our hardworking team if you decide to finish this certification with us. You will save a lot of time and effort by using our simplified procedure to ensure that getting the certification is not only simple but also substantially quicker.

Eye Design Academy Support Team

Our Nano Hairstrokes Course is also part of our commitment to lifelong assistance. Every step of the way, before, during, and after the course in Melbourne, our committed instructors are by your side. We remain steadfast in our commitment to assist our students and guarantee their success in the Nano Hairstrokes Course.


It’s crucial to comprehend the significance of pre-support before starting your exciting adventure to become a licensed eyelash extension artist. The preparations and information you should acquire before to enrolling in an Nano Hairstrokes course are referred to as pre-support for Nano Hairstrokes courses in Melbourne. 

  • Pre-signing Guidelines for enrolling in the course should be consulted.
  • Set the appropriate levels. 
  • Reschedule depending on your needs


You’ll engage in a dynamic learning process that includes practical training, mentoring, and skill development during your eyelash extension course in Melbourne. In this stage, you’ll put theory into practice and acquire the hands-on expertise required to become an expert in the field of eyelash extensions.

  • Help the live model and mannequins perform
  • At each level of practicing on a model, provide feedback.
  • Support them at any time they need it.
  • While learning, take online courses to assist the in-person course


You can obtain all the knowledge you require for your career path, particularly in the field of Nano Hairstrokes, after completing the Nano Hairstrokes course in Melbourne. Let’s look at the post-support options available to you:

  • Take the certificate.
  • Create a portfolio.
  • Obtain employment at a salon
  • Obtain ongoing assistance beyond the course

Why should you choose the Nano Hairstroke course in Eye Design Academy Melbourne?

Eye Design Academy in Melbourne stands as a premier destination for mastering the nano hairstroke Course. Led by master artist Lara Vu, boasting 15 years of experience, their training is renowned worldwide. Learners enjoy exclusive privileges, unparalleled support, and practical knowledge application. Positive testimonials from Nano Hairstrokes course attendees showcase their excellence.

Unique training organization

The Melbourne Nano Hairstrokes Course at Eye Design Academy has special elements made specifically for you:

  • Customized Training: No matter your degree of experience with Nano Hairstrokes, Eye Design Academy will place you in the appropriate class.
  • After completing the course, you’ll receive a comprehensive starter kit, credentials, and the information you need to launch a career in nano hairstrokes. You’ll also gain insightful criticism that will help you develop your skills in this area.
  • Using cutting-edge methods: Our instructors have over 15 years of combined expertise in the beauty industry, and they stay current with new trends. At the Nano Hairstrokes Course in Melbourne, they will teach students the most recent methods.


There are some privileges that participants will receive when they join the course:

  • Pro Graduate Membership: Only graduated attendant program in Melbourne will permit to work and improve their skills at Eye Design Salon. This is a fee-based program, you will participate in networking meetups and skill improvement workshops. Almost all products and upcoming courses are also eligible for discounts.
  • Skill Accelerator Program (SAP): After finishing the in-person and online courses, you can have a chance to join the SAP program.You may attempt to carry out a thorough procedure and method for models, which can be offered by Eye Design Academy. Each workshop in the SAP program will last 3.5 hours, after that, you will be given feedback on your special needs.
  • Cancellation Policy: You can postpone and change your date by giving the date for EDA for a week. They will notice and preview your date of training. However, it is hard to cancel the Nano Hairstrokes course Melbourne because of non-refundable deposits.

The achievement of the students


Who can enrol in this course?

People of all skill levels, including beginners, are welcome to enrol in the course. There is no prerequisite education or training in beauty therapy.

Do any requirements before enrollment?

Although it is not necessary to have prior training in beauty therapy, cosmetic tattoo artists in Australia must hold the "Maintaining Infection Control Standards" certification (SHBBIN002/HLTINF005). The course offers the opportunity to complete this qualification.

What is covered by the course fee, exactly?

Training, course materials, and extras like a professional kit, access to an online course, lifetime student support, and a 10% discount on items from the online store are all included in the course fee.

What distinguishes this course from others?

The knowledgeable professors, personalized teaching, and continuous assistance make this course stand out. Additionally, it provides the most recent Nano Hairstrokes trends and approaches

Lara Vu
Lara Vu

Lara Vu is a highly experienced Master Artist in PMU (Permanent Makeup) with over a decade of expertise. Her skills encompass various beauty treatments, including eyelash extensions, skin treatments, and teeth whitening. Lara Vu is not only dedicated to perfecting her craft but also loves sharing her knowledge with others.


Only course:$699 


Course + PRO Kit : $799

 PRO Kit includes:

*Ships world wide

10 x Disposable Microblading Hand Tool
10 x Disposable Pigment Cup Rings
3 x Eyebrow Pigments
3 x Practice Latex Mats
1 x Eyebrow Caliper
1 x Eyebrow Razor
1 x Pencil Razor
1 x Eyebrow Pencil
1 x Eyebrow Thread
1 x A&D Aftercare