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Our new comprehensive Teeth Whitening training program in Melbourne is designed to transform you into a skilled teeth whitening expert. Learn the latest techniques and industry insights from experienced professionals in a hands-on, supportive environment. Discover the secrets to brightening smiles and boosting confidence for your clients. Whether you’re starting a new career or enhancing your skills in the beauty industry, our Teeth Whitening Course Melbourne will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to provide stunning results. Find out more details about the course and become the go-to teeth whitening specialist!

The overview of the Teeth Whitening Course in Melbourne

The Teeth Whitening Course Melbourne is a comprehensive course that teaches students everything they need to know about teeth whitening, including the science behind it, the different types of treatments available, the safety precautions that must be taken, and the legal and ethical considerations that must be considered. During the whitening course Melbourne, we’ll cover theory as well as practical application. The course is appropriate for you even if you have no prior experience or credentials. Additionally, they assist you in finding live models; all you need to do is add a small amount to the Whitening Course Melbourne price. What does the course cover? Let us find out!

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All about teeth whitening courses Melbourne

In this section, we search through the key to the teeth whitening course in  Melbourne by three contents below: Course Inclusions, Course Content, and Cost.

Course Inclusions

When you enroll in the teeth whitening course in Melbourne, you will get some products or benefits to help with your studies and career.

  • Full of Professional Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Lifetime support from the salon
  • 10% discount during the time

A Full Professional Teeth Whitening kit will include:

  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Consent and Aftercare Forms
  • Certificate of Training Completion
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Blue LED Light PRO (valued at $895) 
  • Safety Glasses
  • Lip Care
  • Microfiber Tips
  • Mini Alcohol Wipes
  • Teeth Shade Guide
  • Micro Lip Brushes

In Teeth Whitening Course Melbourne, we also have teeth Whitening Client Treatment Packs, encompassing:

  • Gum Protection
  • Dental Bib
  • Oral Brush Ups
  • Cheek Retractor
  • Vitamin E
  • EDA Teeth Whitening Gel
teeth whitening kit

Content of teeth whitening training course Melbourne

Through the Teeth Whitening Course Melbourne at Eye Design, you will learn all of the techniques both theoretic and hands-on practice just a day. All of the knowledge in the course will help you become a successful technician in your future job. You can see all the content of the teeth whitening course Melbourne below:

  • The guidebook for training Teeth Whitening
  • The theory of Teeth Whitening 
  • Information on the law and insurance of making Teeth Whitening
  • The safety of contraindications and treatment
  • The knowledge of price guides and products
  • The study of health and safety in the workplace and practices
  • Practice Teeth Whitening
  • Performance of Live treatment
  • Consultation for customers during the whole process
  • Pre&Post care guidelines
  • Completion Certification
Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Cost of Teeth whitening training Melbourne

We only take six students per class for the Teeth Whitening course in Melbourne. Depending on the Kit you learn during the course, the price will vary. There are 2 price ranges that Eye Design Academy Melbourne will offer:

Course and Basic Kit

(without LED Lamp)
AUD 2,200
  • include GST

Course and Pro Kit

(with LED Lamp)
AUD 2,500
  • include GST

You must pay $1,000 before participating in the course. Therefore, you should consult with your experts before choosing a teeth Whitening course Melbourne

Don’t worry because there are no requirements for the Teeth Whitening course Melbourne. If you don’t have Beauty Therapy and certification, let’s join the course.

Eye Design Academy Support Team

We provide learners with lifetime support, and our dedicated professional instructors are a great help to them throughout the teeth whitening course in Melbourne. The following three stages will prove that they always do what they say to their learners.


The pre-course of teeth whitening course is a crucial step in determining how the learners feel about the salon and whether it is a good fit for their career path. With highly experienced trainers, they will provide all instructions and consult with them regarding their methods, goods, schedule, etc. There are three main topics that they will cover in the pre-course.

  • Introduction of the course
  • Guild to sign up for the course.
  • Consult with the participants.


During the teeth whitening course Melbourne, expert trainers will support you with high motivation. You cannot be bored or stop the process of studying. They will listen to your needs, offer you some advice and feedback, and if it is reasonable, they will comply. Additionally, the teeth-whitening course will employ the most recent techniques.

  • Provide modern equipment and products.
  • Give full knowledge to learners
  • Give feedback while practicing with live models.


Following the teeth whitening course in Melbourne, the knowledgeable instructors will first assist you in passing the assessment test before awarding you a certificate of completion. Post-course assistance is available.

  • Give a certificate after the course
  • Discount 10% beauty products online shop

Why should you choose the teeth whitening classes Melbourne at Eye Design Academy?

Eye Design Academy Melbourne is also a reputable and respected training provider in the beauty industry. The academy is accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), so you can be confident that the course you are taking is of the highest quality.

Privileges are one of the elements required in the teeth-whitening course to keep the potential students interested. Our goal at Eye Design Academy is to train as many tradespeople as possible and raise their living standards, so we make sure that they will put the students first.

  • Select two options for a course: There are two options for you at Eye Design Academy. Which one has a higher price, including the Blue LED light. Which one has a lower price without a Blue LED Light. You can choose which teeth whitening course is suitable for your budget.
  • Pro Graduate Membership: When completing the teeth whitening course Melbourne, you can join the Pro Graduate Membership to have a chance to work at Eye Design Academy.
  • Lifetime support: With 15 years of trainers, you may receive support throughout your entire life. Whatever the issue, you cannot be terrified of it.
  • Latest methods: During training, Eye Design Academy salon makes sure to use the most up-to-date tools and techniques. You can easily land the job in the future using the most up-to-date methods.
  • Cancellation Policy: As deposit is not returned, you should consider carefully to take a teeth whitening course Melbourne. If you need to reschedule, please contact to consultors for a week. Also, the remaining pay should paid due 2 weeks before beginning the course.

The achievement of the students


What is a teeth whitening course, and why should I consider taking one in Melbourne?

A teeth whitening course is designed to train individuals in the techniques and procedures for professionally whitening teeth. Melbourne offers a thriving dental and beauty industry, making it an excellent place to learn and practice this skill.

How long does it last at Eye Design Academy?

You just use a day to complete all of the contents for the teeth whitening course Melbourne.

How much for the whitening teeth course?

The whitening teeth course Melbourne’s price will be based on a basic kit and a pro kit. You can reference the cost at Eye Design Sydney:

  • Course with Basic Kit: $2,200 incl. GST
  • Course with Pro Kit with LED LAMP: $2,500 incl. GST

You should pay a deposit of about $1,000 upon enrolling in the course

What topics are covered in a teeth whitening course?

A teeth whitening course typically covers topics such as tooth anatomy, different whitening techniques, safety practices, dental hygiene, client consultation, and aftercare.

Is certification provided upon completing a teeth whitening course?

Yes, most reputable teeth whitening courses in Melbourne provide a certificate upon successful completion. Certification is important for demonstrating expertise and compliance with industry standards.

How do I choose the right teeth whitening course in Melbourne?

To make an informed decision, consider factors such as the reputation of the training provider, curriculum, hands-on training, accreditation, cost, location, and opportunities for ongoing support. Thorough research will help you find the best fit for your goals and needs.

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