Ombré Brow Course Melbourne - All you need to know

Our Ombré Brow Course is designed to push your skills in the world of semi-permanent makeup. Whether you’re a budding makeup artist looking to expand your repertoire or an enthusiast eager to master the technique, our course offers an immersive learning experience. In the cosmopolitan setting of Melbourne, you’ll embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of creating natural, beautifully gradient eyebrows that enhance your clients’ features and boost their confidence. If you’re looking to master the art of creating natural-looking, gradient eyebrows, an Ombré Brow course in Melbourne may be the perfect choice for you.

The overview of the Ombré brow course Melbourne

An Ombré Brow course in Melbourne typically focuses on teaching the art and technique of creating natural-looking, gradient eyebrows, often referred to as “Ombré brows” or “powder brows.” The course begins with an introduction to Ombré brows, exploring the concept, advantages, and distinctions between Ombré brows and other eyebrow tattooing techniques. Then, you will practice with mannequins and live models after gaining knowledge of the course. The professional trainer, Lara Vu Artist, who has 15 years of experience in learning in many countries, is here to teach you all of the knowledge of Ombré Brow Melbourne.

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All about Powder ombré course Melbourne

The specific course content and curriculum for an Ombré Brow Course in Melbourne may vary depending on the beauty school or institution offering the course. In Eye Design Academy, let’s see what you receive in this course.

Course Inclusions

You will receive some inclusions in the Ombré Brow Course:

  • Professional Kit of Ombré Powder Brows Tatoo Machine with the price at $1,500
  • Ombré online course
  • Support of expert trainers for the duration of a lifetime
  • Discount 10% for all of the products on the online shop

There are some products in the Ombré Brown Professional Kit:

  • After Care Information Sheet
  • Client Form
  • Full Set EDA Eyebrow Pigments
  • Ombré Brows Guidebooks
  • 1RL Cartridge Needles
  • Golden Ratio Calliper
  • Disposable Pigment Cup Rings
  • Eyebrow Razor
  • Practice Latex Mats
  • Eyebrow Thread
  • Pencil Razor
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • EDA Touch PRO Cosmetic Tattooing Machine (worth at $799)
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Powder brows course Melbourne Content

You can finish all of the contents of the Ombré Brow Course in two days, with theory and practice study time:

  • Study EDA’s industry secrets for providing exceptional service and retaining customers
  • Determine the golden ratio and shape
  • Study about product knowledge, machine for tattooing, supplies, and equipment setup
  • Study colors foundation
  • Study how to consult with clients
  • Understand machine techniques of stretching and pressure
  • Study Lara’s techniques (Brow mapping method, Ombré Brows, and Pixel Misting, Combination with Hair Stroke and Ombré)
  • Learn how to keep sanitation in treatment
  • Learn how to manage pain, allergies, the Fitzpatrick scale, diseases, and anatomy.
  • Study for pre and post-care treatment
  • Practice on latex for ombré brows and combination techniques (Students have already learned Microblading already) to learn the hand movement
  • Demonstration of full treatments on a live model by trainers
  • Practice on 2 live models for Ombré treatment (last up to 6 hours)
  • Study how to set lightning and photography techniques
  • Ask the trainers during hands-on live models and learn for tips and tricks for Ombré Brow treatment
  • Receive the completion certificate
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Cost of Ombré brow training Melbourne

Course and Basic Kit

(BYO Tattoo Machine)
AUD 3,500
  • include GST

Course and Pro Kit

(EDP Fusion Tattoo Machine)
AUD 3,700
  • include GST

There are no requirements for Ombré Brow Course Melbourne, even if you have no knowledge of the cosmetic industry. However, you must have the Maintaining Infection Control Standards certification (SHBBIN002 / HLTINF005) to work as a cosmetic artist in Australia. If you want to advance your knowledge or have a chance to complete this certification, you can pay $500 – an additional cost.

>>> The deposit for the course is 1500$, but before enrolling in Powder ombre brow course in Melbourne, it’s advisable to consult a professional expert. Click Get Info Pack for more details

Eye Design Academy Support Team

With worldly-wise training, the clients are placed on top at Eye Design Academy. They will provide support for whole-training Ombré courses.


Pre-course of Ombré Brow Course Melbourne is essential, which will help you decide to sign up for the course. With support from trainers, you can prepare well for the whole course. There are some assistance that the trainers give you.

  • Provide the information about the courses
  • Guide enroll in the course carefully 
  • Give all of the invaluable resources before the course
  • Consult with them to arrange their levels
  • Guide them about how to pay tuition fees


Training in the Ombré Brow Course Melbourne will help you gain knowledge for all aspects of the Ombré Brow Treatment. Therefore, support during the course will be essential because it affects their skills and knowledge. With devoted support, the learners will have good results in their future careers.

  • Help them access the unique techniques
  • Support in hands-on live models
  • Advice for each stage of performances


After training, learners sometimes need to enhance their skills or experiences, or they want to have a position in their future job. So that’s why, they need the post-support in Ombré Brow Melbourne course. There is assistance that the trainers will help them after training:

  • Sign up for Pro Graduate Membership to get the chance to work at Eye Design Academy
  • Sign up for the Skill Accelerator Program (SAP) to enhance their knowledge of Ombré Brow
  • Get them a completion certificate
  • Build their portfolio with full knowledge of the Ombré Brow Course

Why should you choose the Ombré Brow course in Eye Design Melbourne?

Eye Design Academy’s reputation in the Ombré Brow course is unmatched, with numerous satisfied students who have excelled in the beauty industry. You will receive the best instruction possible thanks to knowledgeable instructors who are also certified lash artists who oversee our accredited program. At Eye Design Academy, we prioritize safety and hygiene, teaching you the best practices to protect your clients and yourself. We provide in-depth knowledge of ombré brow products and tools, helping you make informed choices for your client’s unique needs.

Unique training organization

Our ground-breaking training system has earned a reputation as the best in the beauty industry, constantly achieving amazing outcomes and offering a fantastic return on investment. You will access the outstanding resources that relate to theory and hands-on training to understand what all of you should learn in the Ombré Brow Course Melbourne. 

Remember that completing online module pre-training is unnecessary, as they respect your training sessions more than studying online courses. Also, the Pro kit will help you practice latex in training courses being given to you before beginning the course.


  • Pro Graduate Membership: You will have access to work at our salon, network gatherings, and skill-building sessions if you join our monthly fee-based program. 
  • Skill Accelerator Program (SAP): After completing Ombré Brow Melbourne, if you want to enhance your level, the SAP program is the best choice for you. You can have a chance to perform a full treatment and techniques on live models (The live models may be provided by EDA). SAP workshops last for 3.5 hours. You can schedule for these SAP workshops. After workshops, you can be given feedback personally based on your needs and clarification of your techniques.
  • Cancellation Policy: Remember to non-refund deposits, and you should notice the date that you change for a week. Also, you need to pay the tuition fees due two weeks before beginning the course via bank transfer or credit card over the phone.

The achievement of the students


Do I Need to Bring My Own Equipment for the Course?

Absolutely not, you don't need to bring any equipment. We provide a Basic kit or a Pro kit (depending on the option you choose) that is included with the course, ensuring you have all the necessary tools and materials for your training.

How Long Does the Ombre Brow Course in Melbourne Take to Complete?

The Ombre Brow course in Melbourne typically takes 2 days to complete. During these two days, you'll receive comprehensive training and hands-on experience to master the technique. You can see all the course content in this article.

Can I Cancel the Course?

We understand that circumstances can change. Please refer to our cancellation policy for specific details regarding course cancellations. It's important to communicate with our team as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.

After the Course, Are There Any Job Opportunities for Me?

Upon completing our courses, you'll be equipped with valuable skills and nationally accredited certifications. While we cannot guarantee specific job placements, the beauty industry offers numerous opportunities for skilled professionals. Many of our graduates have gone on to establish successful careers in eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattooing, and other beauty fields. We also provide ongoing support and guidance to help you kickstart your career, including tips on building your clientele and marketing your services.

Lara Vu
Lara Vu

Lara Vu is a highly experienced Master Artist in PMU (Permanent Makeup) with over a decade of expertise. Her skills encompass various beauty treatments, including eyelash extensions, skin treatments, and teeth whitening. Lara Vu is not only dedicated to perfecting her craft but also loves sharing her knowledge with others.

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