Eyelash Extension course Melbourne | Gain all of Knowledge on 2 days

If you have a passion for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, the Eyelash Extension Course in Melbourne is your gateway to mastering the art of transforming lashes and boosting your career in the beauty industry. That’s why we’ve designed this intensive two-day course to equip you with all the essential knowledge and hands-on skills you need to become a proficient eyelash extension technician. Let’s see what’s included in the lash course Melbourne.

The Overview of Eyelash Extension course Melbourne

Eyelash Extension course in Melbourne is about Classic, Hybrid, and Russian Volume eyelash extension techniques. You can be proficient in using several ultra-fine lash extensions and making immaculate hand-made lash fans. In just 2-day courses, you can deeply understand all of the knowledge of Eyelash Extension, and be able to put that knowledge into real life. Also, you can interact with the most recent cutting-edge approaches and update trends in the aesthetics field.

With professional experts in the eyelash extensions course in Melbourne, they have arranged for 10 years of experience and trained many technicians. In the lash course Melbourne, you can receive a professional kit, full of course, and a discount on products that serve your Eyelash extension career.

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All about Lash Course Melbourne

When you enroll in the Eyelash Extension course, there are three things that you should know. In this section, we delve deeper into the core of our Eyelash Extension Course in Melbourne. Get ready to explore the details of what you can expect from this comprehensive program, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a proficient and confident eyelash extension technician.

Eyelash Course Melbourne Inclusions

Just by participating in the Eyelash Extension Course Melbourne, you can get a professional kit, discount beauty products, the assistance of trainers, and also online courses.

  • Professional Kit: There are some necessary things that are needed for eyelash extension (Client Form, Classic Extensions Training Manual, Cream Remover, Volume Extensions Training Manual, 16 x Trays of Classic & Volume Premium Mink Lashes, Extra Fine Isolation Tweezers, Premium Quality Skinny Foot Classic Tweezers, Micro-brushes, Hand-picked Volume Tweezers, Lash Scissor, Ultra Plus Adhesive Glue, Lash Primer, Lash Cleanser, Lash Fan, Eye Gel Pads, Mascara Wands, Medical Tape, Aftercare Card)
  • Discount beauty products: This account may be 10%-15% for all beauty products at salons.
  • Assistance from trainers: If you join this course, you will always receive assistance available 24/7 with your trainers. 
  • Online eyelash course: You can approach the online course during an in-person course with your expert trainers at Lash Course Melbourne.
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Lash Courses Melbourne Content

2 days of Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne will be divided into 2 contents: Firstly, an overview of Eyelash Extensions and Classic eyelashes. Secondly, Russian and Hybrid Volume eyelashes.

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Lash Courses Melbourne Content

On the first day, we studied the following:

  • Introduction to Eyelash extensions, Eyes, Eyelashes, Hair, product, and some problems relating to eyelash extensions
  • Introduction of Classical eyelashes.
  • How to make Classical eyelashes
  • Consultation with customers, how to touch up
  • Remove the eyelashes, practice with mannequins
  • Doing post-care, and performing live models for whole treatments. 
  • Watching the demonstration of trainers with live models is about doing classical eyelash extensions.

On the second day of Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne, we will:

  • Review the eyelash techniques
  • Introducing Hybrid Lashes Technique and Russian Volume 
  • Picking up the exact fan
  • Understanding the product of volume lash
  • Practicing lash isolation 
  • Performing on mannequins
  • Learning about pre and post-care
  • Seeing eyelash extensions is performed live model by trainers, and try to do on them
  • After the course, you may receive the certificate ceremony

In the Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne, there are no requirements for any learners. When you want to study something, you should have a strong passion for your career. In the beauty industry, you also have persistence in doing what you want to be. So, just need to have a passion, and you can learn the course effectively.

Cost of Lash Extension Courses Melbourne

Without national certificate ceremony

AUD 1,990
  • include GST

With national certificate ceremony

AUD 2,490
  • include GST

Before the course, you will pay a deposit of approximately $1000 for the Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne. When you finish the course, you will receive the completion certificate for each of the costs.

Eye Design Academy Support Team

When you choose the Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne, you always get support from your trainers. It includes before, during, and after you complete the lash course in Melbourne.


Before embarking on your exciting journey to become a certified eyelash extension artist, it’s essential to understand the importance of pre-support. Pre-support of eyelash extension course in Melbourne refers to the preparations and knowledge you should gather before enrolling in an eyelash extension course. 

  • Consult pre-signing
  • Guidelines for enrolling in the course
  • Set up the suitable levels


During your eyelash extension course Melbourne, you’ll experience a dynamic learning process that involves hands-on training, mentorship, and skill development. This phase is where you’ll put theory into practice and gain the practical experience necessary to excel in the art of eyelash extensions.

  • Help perform the mannequins and live model
  • Give feedback in each stage of practicing on model
  • Have online courses while learning


After the eyelash extension course Melbourne, you can gain everything you need in your career journey, especially in the eyelash extensions field. Let’s see what you can receive in post-support:

  • Receive the certificate
  • Build your portfolio
  • Have a position at a salon
  • Get life-time support after the course

Why should you choose the Lash Courses at Eye Design Academy Melbourne

Eye Design Academy in Melbourne is one of the best places to learn Eyelash Extensions Course Melbourne. The master artist, Lara Vu who is the main trainer had 15 years of experience as many technicians from different countries. Eye Design Melbourne will bring many privileges for learners, support, and teach how to apply the knowledge in real life. There are many positive feedback from learners for lash courses Melbourne, and there are many masterpieces from their learners.

Unique training organization

At Eye Design Academy, the eyelash extension course Melbourne will be unique with the following characteristics:

  • Training fits your level: If you are at any level or don’t know anything about eyelash extensions, Eye Design Academy will set you up with a class that is suitable for your workmanship. 
  • Giving all of the set of tools and certificates needed to begin your career: Of course, after the course, you will receive many things that you need for your career path. That includes the tools, certificates, and knowledge,… Or you can receive some feedback that can charge to your level in the eyelash extensions field.
  • Training the newest techniques: With over 15 years in the beauty industry, the trainers at Eye Design will update their knowledge and give it to their learners in the eyelash extension course Melbourne. They ensure the latest techniques will be brought in during the course.


After the eyelash extension course Melbourne, you can gain everything you need in your career journey, especially in the eyelash extensions field. Let’s see what you can receive in post-support:

  • Receive the certificate
  • Build your portfolio
  • Have a position at a salon
  • Get life-time support after the course

In lash courses Melbourne at Eye Design Academy, there are 3 main unique features of privileges for the learners, which will help you decide on what you can choose this place to learn eyelash extensions:

  • Pro graduate membership: You can have a chance to work at Eye Design Academy, participate in a monthly fee-based program, discounts for products and courses, and receive free 2 days of assessment in the Academy with modern equipment. 
  • Skill Accelerator Program: When you complete lash courses Melbourne, you can access to SAP to enhance your level. SAP means personal training in which you can be given one-on-one feedbacks. On that program, you can also choose your dates for studying that fit your schedule.
  • Cancellation Policy: On the eyelash extension course Melbourne at Eye Design Academy, you can schedule a later time and then send this salon to review dates in a week. Be careful when deciding on signing the course because of non-refundable deposits.

The achievement of the students


How do I enroll in the eyelash courses Melbourne?

You can contact to enroll in the course through email, phone, and expert assistance on the website. After consulting with assistance to reference the course, you should pay a deposit for the salon of about $1000. That’s all of the process to enroll in the eyelash extension course in Melbourne.

What do I receive when I participate in the lash training Melbourne course?

In the eyelash extension course, you can receive the professional kit, online course, discount on purchases in the salon, and the support of trainers.

What is included in the professional kit?

You will get 19 products in a professional kit. There are:

  • 16 x Trays of Classic & Russian Premium Mink Lashes
  • Isolation, quality skinny foot classic, and hand-picked tweezers, 
  • Lash scissors, Primmer, Cleanser, and Fan
  • Ultra Plus Adhesive Volume Glue, Remover Cream, Mascara Wands
  • Aid kit: Eye Gel Pads, Medical Tape
  • Support: Client form, Post-care card, Classic, and Volume Extensions Training Guidebook.
Can I work as an eyelash artist after an eyelash extension training Melbourne?

Absolutely yes. As you gain all of knowledge of eyelash extensions with the latest techniques and receive the certificate after the course, you can earn from $1,000 - $1,500 per week.

How long does a course last?

It just takes two days to learn the course, you can learn the theory of eyelash extension and practice with mannequins and live models for full of eyelash extension treatment.

Can I receive the certificate?

Yes, you can receive the completion certificate and national accreditation. If you sign up for the course at a lower cost, you just receive a certificate (completion certificate). If you sign up the course with higher price, you will receive both completion and national accreditation.

Picture of Lara Vu
Lara Vu

Lara Vu is a highly experienced Master Artist in PMU (Permanent Makeup) with over a decade of expertise. Her skills encompass various beauty treatments, including eyelash extensions, skin treatments, and teeth whitening. Lara Vu is not only dedicated to perfecting her craft but also loves sharing her knowledge with others.

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