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Founded by preeminent cosmetic tattoo artist Lara Vu, Eye Design Sydney offers the hottest and most advanced semi-permanent makeup, including brows, lip and eyeliner tattoo treatments in Sydney. We also offer skin care and eyelash extensions.

Learn from the industry leaders

Eye Design academy

Learn the most advanced semi-permanent makeup techniques at our world-class academy. We have courses on eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattooing, as well as eyelash extensions, fibroblast skin tightening, BBglow skin smoothing and teeth whitening.

Lash Extension

Eyelash Extensions, Classic, Hybrid & Russian Volume Training

Learn the techniques and trends that are taking the eyelash industry by storm from some of Sydney’s best eyelash technicians. This 3-day course gives you the guidance and confidence you require to achieve voluminous eyelash extension perfection.


Eyebrow Tattooing Training, Microblading and Ombre Brows

Create flawless, natural looking eyebrows by learning from the best. Our very own founder Lara Vu handles this exclusive hands-on training, giving students access to techniques and knowledge Lara learned from training all over the world.


Who Are We?

 About us

At Eye Design Sydney, we bring cosmetic tattooing to a whole new level. Our artists are specialists in high-end European and Asian semi-permanent makeup styles. Our work looks natural, subtle and beautiful. Please, do not settle for fake-looking eyebrows and lashes that everyone will notice!

Our dazzling beauty clinic and academy is located in the newly flourishing area of Green Square, Rosebury. You can visit our beauty clinic at Suite 3.01, Level 3, Dunning Ave. Rosebery 2018. One of our experienced beauticians will happily answer any of your questions and walk you through every detail regarding our beauty treatments.

Eye Design Sydney offers services such as microblading, feather touch brows, powder effect browslip tattooseyeliner tattooslash extensions and lash lifts. Our semi-permanent artists work with you to create the perfect look that will enhance your natural beauty. We customise your lashes, brows, eyeliner and lips to suit your face and your liking, whatever your age, skin type or beauty outlook is. Our team of experienced professionals use safe, up-to-date procedures in order to guarantee your happiness.

Cosmetic beauty procedures make life easier and more beautiful. With our semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, your morning beauty routine will be so much easier and faster. What used to be the best-kept beauty secret of the rich and famous is now the hottest trend for beauty conscious and stylish women. You can be assured that our Eye Design Sydney artists will give you stunning brows, lashes eyeliner or lips. Whichever you choose, we can assure you’ll be happy and full of confidence. See what Eye Design Sydney can do for you!

Lear more about us

I would 100% recommend Eye Design! Having my lips tattooed is the best thing I've ever done... I've just gone back after 12 months to have my colour boost and I'm so pleased with my lips. Lara is lovely, she makes you feel so relaxed and her attention to detail is spot on!

Sophie Trinh
Sophie Trinh

Lara did such a wonderful job on my brows, cannot recommend her highly enough. They are now even, full and perfect! NO more filling or drawing on them anymore there is no pain, everything is clean and Lara is lovely

Stefanie NiniiTahu
Stefanie NiniiTahu

Lara creates beautiful eyebrows! I've tattooed my eyebrows a few times now, and Lara is by far the best. She explains everything, draws the shape on beforehand and makes sure you're happy with the final result. I've got beautiful eyebrows thanks to her.”

Jacqueline Mendes Monteiro
Jacqueline Mendes Monteiro

Lara is amazing semi-permanent tattoo artist.Lara created a wonderful light brown eyebrows and my eyes with tattooed eyeliners are soooo pretty. I can definitely recommend!!!Lara does a really gooood job.Thank you so much Lara!”

Lucije Nacestach
Lucije Nacestach

Lara is fantastic, I have had eyebrow tattoos done for the past 15 years and Lara’s tattoos are the most natural looking, No one can pick them as being tattoos. I don't have to enhance them on a daily basis, only when I go out, which is because I wear foundation, otherwise they are perfect.

Rochelle Polley
Rochelle Polley

Got my eyebrows done here !! She's amazing

Testimonial 7
Livvy Jayde

Great, professional service. Highly recommend the Marrickville salon.

Testimonial 5
Agnes Musgrave

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