10+ Equipment in Teeth Whitening Kits

As you know, the Teeth Whitening Kit requires equipment in the Teeth Whitening Course. In this article, you will understand the definition of equipment, the way to use it, how it activates,… In each piece of equipment in the Teeth Whitening Kit, there are some unique characteristics that you should know. Also, let’s keep in mind how to use it carefully, as it can affect the whole process of Teeth Whitening. With its inclusion in the teeth whitening course, you will be proficient in your Teeth Whitening fields in the future. 

Blue whitening LED

Blue Whitening LED in professional teeth whitening kit is essential equipment in the whitening process, which causes the whitening gel to start. Whitening gel includes 2 elements such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

teeth whitening kit
Blue Whitening LED is one of the necessary equipment in teeth whitening kit

General, professional technicians use Blue Whitening LED and consider it totally safe, which has risks when the tooth is more sensible. 

Cheek Retractor

The cheek retractor of teeth whitening kit is made from stainless steel and plastic, which will help separate the soft tissue in the oral cavity and make it easier to observe the teeth.

teeth whitening kits
To shape the mouth to make it easier, a cheek retractor will support technicians throughout the teeth whitening process

There are various sizes to fit your mouth, with different colors to be suitable for your needs. The technicians use it during the Blue Whitening process, so the blue light can brighten the whole teeth.

Gum protection

As gums play such a significant role in maintaining teeth, safeguarding gums also entails safeguarding teeth. You should let the dentist or the technicians who whiten your teeth know if you have an issue with your intrinsic or extrinsic gums. To support your gums, they can make use of some tools.

teeth whitening kit
There are so many ways to protect gum by using a teeth whitening kit

During the teeth whitening process, the gum is protected by petroleum jelly or gum shields. You can use other equipment in the teeth whitening kit to support your teeth.

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Whitening gel

Whitening gel in teeth whitening kit can activate the whitening elements, which will help to promote the discolored teeth process quicker. It is safe during the teeth whitening process.

professional teeth whitening kit
The whitening gel in the teeth whitening kit promotes tooth whitening quicker

The whitening gel in the teeth whitening kit will include carbamide peroxide, glycerin, peppermint extract, carbomer xylitol, etc. Almost all the whitening gel will reduce the discolouration of teeth, making them more white.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E appears frequently in the cosmetic industry, especially in whitening teeth. Following teeth whitening, they use it as support. It is a serum for the skin. However, Vitamin E in teeth whitening kit will be included in the oil swap for whitening.

home teeth whitening kit
Vitamin E is the complement in teeth whitening kit

Vitamin E will help the gums and lips prevent irritation and dryness during the teeth whitening process. It will release sensible feelings.

Face Gauze

Face Gauze is a cloth that covers the surrounding mouth before lighting by the Blue Whitening LED. This equipment in teeth whitening will help them prevent irritation and dryness during this process.

teeth whitening kits
Face Gauze in the teeth whitening kit will be put before cheek retractor

Face Gauze is made from non-woven material. It will be placed prior to the cheek retractor. In the teeth whitening kit, you can receive about 10 to 30 pieces to serve your training courses. With affordable prices and high quality, face gauze is one of the necessary pieces of equipment for teeth whitening.

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Mini Alcohol Wipes

A professional expert highly recommends mini alcohol wipes because they contain almost over 70% isopropyl alcohol. It will aid individuals in avoiding bacteria, viruses, and germs during the teeth-whitening process.

mini pad for home teeth whitening kit
The alcohol Pad used to keep sanitation during teeth whitening treatment

In the home teeth whitening kit and the professional teeth whitening kit, the mini alcohol plays a significant role. The mini alcohol wipes will be used on all equipment in teeth whitening treatments. Technicians are advised to use it to ensure the safety of clients throughout the process.

MicroLip Brushes

In teeth whitening kits, microlip brushes are made from bamboo and have tiny bristles that are used for reaching small or hard areas of teeth. The brushes have different sizes, and there is a small fee for these products.

teeth whitening kit - micro lips
Microlip brushes in the Teeth Whitening Kits are useful for putting the gel on the small areas of teeth

After whitening your teeth, you can apply the whitening gel by using microlip brushes, which maintain hygiene and make it easy to apply to whole teeth.

Microfiber Tips

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that includes cellulose, nylon, and polyester. It is lighter and thinner. It is used widely for all teeth whitening processes.

home teeth whitening kit
Microfiber is softer than other cloths

Microfiber will be washed at 160°F of water with clean water. And avoiding detergents to make it whiter. After washing, it will be dried on low heat. Some technicians will use a specific ball to get rid of the hair on the microfiber.

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Teeth Shade Guide

The Teeth Shade Guide is a set of color standards for teeth of a teeth whitening kit to help clients choose what color they need. Also, the clients can see the progress of their teeth and compare their teeth during teeth whitening.

professional teeth whitening kit
There are A1 - D4, with 20 shades in teeth shade guide

The Teeth Shade Guide ranges from 16 – 20 shades, from A1 to D4. A1 is the brightest and D4 is the darkest. You can choose 16 shades or 20 shades for your teeth whitening kit, depending on your needs.

Safety Glasses

Typically, in teeth whitening kits, red safety glasses are worn to protect the light by making the accelerator lamps whiter. These glasses will strongly activate below the Blue Light LED, so both technicians and clients are advised to wear them.

teeth whitening kits - safety glasses
Normally, safety glasses in teeth whitening kits will be made red to prevent the Blue Light LED

Safety glasses will be made from polycarbonate, plastics, glass, and Trivex. It is quite lightweight and useful in a teeth whitening kit for teeth whitening treatment.

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