Permanent Lip Tattoo: The Most Popular Styles of the Lip Tattoo

The idea of a lip tattoo may seem scary at first, but bear with me here. A permanent lip tattoo can actually look very natural, and help you achieve the perfect pout you’ve always wanted. Get the look of full lips without any of the hassle of lip plumpers or other products with a lip tattoo. Pouty, defined lips are all the rage with celebrities, and you too can achieve this stunning look! Many people are turning to lip tattoos to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Permanent lip tattoo: get the lips of your dreams
Permanent lip tattoo: get the lips of your dreams

Fear not: No 1990s style here

One of the most immediate reactions when people hear lip tattoo is to think of the overdrawn, dark lip liner that was the rage in the 90s. However, this isn’t what a lip tattoo will look like. Though it can enhance your lip colour, it’s meant to look natural. Permanent lip tattoos are much subtler than many people assume they will be. Cosmetic tattoos have also greatly improved over the years due to evolving techniques. Rather than tattoo ink, pigment is used, which gives a powdery finish, making for a softer look. Many artists also work to blend the colour out from the outline, which gives a much subtler look than the visible lip liner trends of yesteryear.

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Plump it up

Cosmetic tattoo artists won’t tattoo outside of your natural lip line, so you don’t have to worry about lips that look overdrawn or fake. Outlining is done on the border of the lip, creating the illusion of a fuller lip. This makes a permanent lip tattoo a good alternative for those who are wary about injections. 

How long do lip blush lastInjections only last a short amount of time and need regular maintenance, while lip tattoos can last around 3 years, giving you tons of time to show you off your new pout!

Permanent lip tattoo is totally unique to you

Lip tattoos are definitely not one size fits all. You can decide what colour and shape you want before you go under the needle, ensuring you get the exact look you want. You can either go brighter or darker, so you’ll be sure to get the best colour to suit your skin tone.

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Stop searching for the perfect everyday nude-your lips have just become exactly that! Save time each morning and eliminate the need to apply lipstick every day. Lip tattoos are a great option for people who want plumper, more defined lips but want to keep things natural looking. So let go of the hesitation and see just how much a lip tattoo can change your look! Don’t leave it to the celebs-get gorgeous lips of your own!

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