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2022 EDA Iconic Courses Summer Sale


6 days course – Microblading + Pixel Misting/Ombre brows + Combination technique + Lip Tattoo

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Our Signature PRO MICRO + LIP Pakage Course

Our 6-day PRO MICRO + LIP package course is the best valued training option in the Australian market. In this course, you will learn every single eyebrow and lip tattooing technique available in Australia, these techniques are: Microblading, Pixel Misting/Ombre Brows, Combination Technique & the Full Lip Tattoo in all its variations. 

This course is designed especially for beginners and will provide you with all the fundamental knowledge and skills to start working as a Permanent Makeup Artist, specialising in all eyebrow and lip tattoo techniques from day 1, and you do not require any previous knowledge or certificates to do this course. Our unique training system was carefully designed by our famous founder, Master Artist Lara Vu, from her own 10+ years of experience gained while travelling the world and undertaking only the best training available today. She learned from the best in Germany, Estonia, Vietnam and Turkey, and now she has personally crafted this course for you.

Theory and Hands-on:

Our course includes comprehensive theory, the client consultation process, the perfect eyebrow design and a full treatment guide and practice. In these 6 days, you will gradually progress towards performing the full treatment for each technique on up to 6 live models!* (2 Microblading, 2 Ombre/combination and 2 Lip Tattoo), you will leave this course performing our full signature techniques.

Our unmatched offering

Get the best of BOTH WORLDS! Full online course access and full in-person course at our academy.  

Unlike other academies offering a ‘half-half’ solution where their “online course” is simply an online theory component and then you do the practical in-person at their academy, we give you access to our FULL online course (theory and practical) and FULL in-person course at our academy. We hold NOTHING back! 

With our new Best of Both Worlds Course Packages, you get immediate access to our online course, together with a Professional Kit sent to your home in 2 to 3 business days, so you can start learning and practising straight away.

And whenever you feel ready, you will come and enjoy our full in-person course at our academy, with all the previously acquired experience gained through our do-at-home online course with practical components.

This revolutionary lockdown-friendly training system has proven to be the best in the industry, with the best results and return on your investment. Enrol in our course today, and get double learning, and double earning!


Course Breakdown: 

6 DaysTheory and Practical Course (Click Here):

  • EDA’s industry secrets in delivering quality service and winning customer loyalty​
  • Live Demonstrations of every technique by the trainer (full treatments) with live Q&A
  • Students perform full treatments for each technique on up to 6 live models!* (up to 18 hours of practice)
  • Certification ceremony (you will be awarded 3 certificates)
  • Sanitation and in-treatment hygiene
  • Fitzpatrick scale, skin anatomy, allergies and diseases
  • Introduction to the Microblading technique
  • Product knowledge, tools, supplies and equipment setup
  • The Golden Ratio & eyebrow symmetry
  • EDA brow mapping method, the theory of colours.
  • 4 Hair strokes patterns, and spines
  • three-dimensions stretching technique and pressure
  • Correct depth, hand motion, grip, and pressure
  • Eye Design Academy’s Signature Technique to create hyper-realistic hair strokes
  • EDA’s unique hair strokes custom design for clients based on client consultation forms
  • Microblading practice on latex (fake skin)
  • Before and aftercare, pain management during the treatment
  • Lightning setup and the EDA photo taking technique for social media
  • Tattooing machine, supplies and equipment setup
  • EDA’s Signature Pixel Misting & Ombre Brows Techniques and styles
  • EDA’s Signature combination technique (hair stroke + machine)
  • Stretching technique and pressure for machine technique
  • Hand movement practice on latex for ombre brows
  • Hand movement practice on latex for combination technique
  • Before and aftercare, pain management during the treatment
  • Infection Control Standards & Procedures
  • Machine & Equipment
  • Client Consultation Procedures
  • Creating The Luscious Lips Look
  • Draw Lipliner
  • Stretching Technique & Pressure on lips
  • Hand movement practice on lip latex
  • All Lip tattoo techniques & styles
  • Eye Design Academy’s Signature Lip Tattooing technique


Pro Micro + Lip tattoo Kit

PRO MICRO + LIP Professional Kit (Click Here):

  • EDA Touch PRO Tattooing Machine (Valued at $799)
  • EDA Microblading & Ombre Brows Workbook and Tips
  • EDA Lip Tattoo Workbook​ and Tips
  • EDA After Care Information Sheet and Client Forms
  • EDA Premium Disposable Microblading Hand Tool
  • EDA Eyebrow Pigments (Full set)
  • EDA Lip Pigment bottles (Full set)
  • Practice latex mats for Microblading
  • Practice latex mats for Ombre Brows
  • Practice latex mats for Lip Tattoo
  • Disposables: Masks/Gloves/Hair Covers
  • Alcohol Wipes, Cotton Rounds & Cotton Tips
  • Disposable Pigment Cup Rings
  • Needles Cartridges
  • Golden Ratio Caliper
  • Eyebrow Razor
  • Pencil Razor
  • Eyebrow Pencil (or surgical marker)
  • Eyebrow Thread
  • Pigment Ring Cups
  • Red Lip Pencil
  • White Lip Pencil
  • Certificates of training completion


EDA 2022 Iconic Courses Summer Sale


6 Days in-person PRO MICRO + LIP course: $14,400 incl. GST


Now at 51% Off = $6,990 (save $7,400!)

Affordable Payment Plans are available with PayRight (T’s & C’s apply)

  • Bonus 1: Immediate access to all PMU Online courses for all 4 techniques to fast track your learnings (valued at $2,995).
  • Bonus 2: PRO MICRO + LIP Kit included with Tattooing Machine (valued at $2,700). Get your Kit shipped to you for a head start!*
  • Bonus 3: 1-year online student support from our expert trainers.
  • Bonus 4: Lifetime 10% discount on all 500+ products (Check our online shop)

* Kit shipping fee not included in course fees.

* You can bring your own models or we can provide them for you at an extra cost.

* If we can’t deliver your training due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, we will reschedule your training to the next available date that suits you best.

Upcoming Cosmetic Tattoo PRO MICRO + LIP Classes:

9th to 14th (1 spot left)

6th to 11th (4 spot left)

Extra Certificates (Optional, add to your training):

Maintaining Infection Control Standards – SHBBIN001 (optional)

You don’t require any certification or previous knowledge in Beauty Therapy to attend this course, however, you will be required to complete the module SHBBINF001 to work as a Permanent Makeup Artist in Australia. You can complete this course with us (during the course) for an extra $500, no extra day of training required.


Exclusive MAP Accelerator workshops (Optional):

Choose one of our MAP memberships and practise your new skills on extra models (1 full treatment per workshop) with the support of our expert trainers. To find out more about our MAP memberships click here: MAP Accelerator Program.

  • 1 MAP Workshop: $600 (not available for online students)
  • 2 MAP Workshop: $1,100 (not available for online students)
  • 3 MAP Workshop: $1,500 (available for online & in-person students)
  • 4 MAP Workshops: $1,800 (available for online & in-person students)
  • 6 MAP Workshops$2,400 (available for online & in-person students)

To attend MAP workshops you must have completed one of our in-person or online Permanent Makeup courses & you will receive a MAP certificate when completing 4 or 6 MAP Workshops.


Best Microblading, Pixel Misting/Ombre Brows, Combination Technique & Lip Tattoo Course in Sydney

Any questions?

Call us – 0406 601 693

About our Head Master Teacher and Founder

For over a decade, Master Artist Lara Vu has been enhancing the beauty of her clients with the leading European and Asian styles of permanent makeup and pushing the creative boundaries of the Art.

She is a preeminent permanent makeup artist and the founder of Eye Design Academy, a sophisticated Academy and Beauty Centre located in the iconic Green Square area in Rosebery.

Her love of beauty and art developed from a young age and her early exploration into the world of cosmetic tattooing & micro-pigmentation allowed her to develop an eye for impeccable artistry.

Her passion has taken her all over the world to develop her skills including Germany, Estonia, Vietnam, Turkey and Australia…

Lara’s outstanding qualifications in the ever-evolving permanent makeup industry have enabled her to become a leading accredited trainer in the specialisation of all cosmetic tattooing techniques, microblading, eyelash extensions and fibroblast. She is an advocate of ongoing education and regularly updates her skills in search of new techniques and industry innovations.


Deposits for all courses are strictly non-refundable.

The remaining payment for your course must be paid in full 14 days before the course commencing date via bank transfer or credit card payment over the phone. Full payment at this stage is non-refundable. 

The remaining payment for your course must be paid 14 days before the commencing date of the course, via bank transfer or credit card payment over the phone. Full payment at this stage is non-refundable. 

Bookings for all courses can be rescheduled free of charge up to two (2) weeks prior to the course commencing date that has been booked. You might incur additional charges if you want to reschedule for a training session date that does not include a discount offer or has a different price.

You can reschedule a class within two (2) weeks from your training date by paying a rescheduling fee of $350 per day of training rescheduled.

Courses may be rescheduled if a course does not meet the minimum number of students required or if the trainer is not available on the training day due to an emergency or sickness, in which case you will be offered to choose from any available course date in the future, the deposit will not be refunded.

If you do not show up to your training session, your deposit and course fee will not be refunded.


COVID – 19 Policy extra Ts & Cs:

If the delivery of a training session is affected by COVID lockdowns, we will reschedule the training to a future date when COVID lockdowns have ended.

Course payments are strictly non-refundable during COVID lockdowns.

You are required to inform us if you are suffering from COVID like symptoms and/or you are a household contact with any individual that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 7 days prior to your scheduled course dates.

In the case that you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are a household contact with a positive COVID-19 case or received a positive COVID-19 test result within the pass 3 days prior to your course commencing date, we will reschedule your training to the next available date free of charge, on the first occasion.

If you attend the training session while displaying COVID-19 like symptoms, we will ask you to go home, and reschedule your training to the next available date, free of rescheduling charge on the first occasion.

For any other subsequent COVID-19 related course rescheduling, you are required to pay a rescheduling fee of $350 per day of training rescheduled.