Why a Lip Tattoo is Perfect for Beating the Dreaded Winter Lips

Winter has finally arrived in Sydney, and with it the dreaded winter lips: dry, chapped, peeling, and miserable. Have you ever tried to apply lipstick on a cold morning, only for the lipstick to look waxy and lumpy? This is why a lip tattoo is the perfect solution for all your winter lip woes.

The Typical Morning with Winter Lips


You wake up, and instead of lush and healthy lips, you’ve got miserable chapped lips. No matter how much you moisturise, there is dead skin everywhere. Your favourite lipstick shade just wont glide on. By the time you arrive at work after walking through the biting cold, you have jagged, misshapen colour smeared all over your lips.

What a Lip Tattoo Can Do for Your Winters

Rather than spending all that time on putting on lipstick every morning, why not make your life infinitely easier by getting a lip tattoo?

Lip tattoos offer a good solution for the major problem of lip maintenance during the harsh winter months. A beautiful lip tattoo means that you can leave the house feeling gorgeous, without the need for infinite moisturiser. No need to re-apply lipstick after every meal, or check in the mirror for embarrassing teeth stains. Effortlessly wake up to perfect lips every morning, and have them stay fresh all day.

What Happens During a Lip Tattoo Procedure

At Eye Design we use the most advanced technology for every individual lip tattoo procedure. We ensure that all our clients leave with the beautiful smile of their dreams. We will deeply consult with you on your needs, and what type of look you are going for. Our technology ensures a quick healing time, so that you are ready to go out and enjoy your new lips when you want. Strong anaesthetics are used to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. With healing and aftercare, you are left with a beautiful lip colour that lasts for years, with minimum maintenance needed.

The Best Lip Tattoo Looks

With lip tattoos, the choice of colours and looks is endless. Lip tattoos can be used to make your lips fuller and more defined. But don’t think of it as an outdated thick ‘90s lip! Lip tattoos are advanced procedures that are designed make your lips look naturally beautiful.

If you are feeling a bit stuck on inspiration, find awesome ideas below out of some of the lip tattoo procedures we have performed.


You can slightly alter the shape of your lips to make them frame your face more naturally. Then chase away the winter blues by imbuing them with the gentlest hint of delicate pink.


This is a lip tattoo right after the procedure and two days after. You can see the quick healing and rich development of colour. Brighten your look during the dull winters with a luscious red.


A lip tattoo immediately after the procedure. You can see how you can get lush, plump-looking lips straightaway. After the gentle aftercare and healing, you are left with lips that draw all eyes to your beautiful smile on the cold wintery days.

A lip tattoo is the sublime solution to your winter woes. Say no to desperately scraping waxy lipstick on chapped lips every morning. Instead, wake up ready to enjoy the day as it comes.

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