Why you should tattoo your lips? Explore: Lip tattoo benefits

Lip Tattoo Benefits: The Well Kept Hollywood Secret
Explore: Lip tattoo benefits

Lip tattoo benefits

Tired of reapplying lip liner and lipstick that seem to dry or chap your lips? Ever added up the amount you spend on lipstick every year only to be faced with an outrageous dollar figure? If so, we may have the perfect procedure for you. A permanent lip tattoo can dramatically improve the appearance of lips and create a more defined and full shape. A tattoo eliminates the need for a lip liner pencil since your lip borders will already be perfectly outlined. Another truly wonderful benefit is never again worrying about your colour rubbing off, fading, smearing or getting on your teeth. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn more about the many lip tattoo benefits.

Who’s a candidate?

Anyone looking for that morning glow right after waking up, should consider permanent makeup. You will love the end result of a lip tattoo if you suffer from  unsymmetrical, uneven, scarred, or extremely thin lips. As a result of growing older, lip colour naturally fades. If you are looking for that youthful glow then adding permanent colour to your lips will help you look younger. Also, if you spend money on lip plumpers or fillers that don’t last long, instead, try a procedure that gives the illusion of permanently fuller lips that can last for 3 years.

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Perfect lips aren’t just for Kylie Jenner

As a society, we have been obsessed with lips for ages. Celebrities always seem to have a stunning smile and the perfect pout.

Kylie Jenner with perfect lip tattoo
Kylie Jenner with perfect lip tattoo

Lips help to show the range of emotions that we feel throughout a day. Also, they frame up a person’s teeth and give a person facial symmetry. Studies have shown that individuals with full lips and a nicely shaped Cupid’s bow (the points at the top of the upper lip) are deemed more attractive to others. If you weren’t born with the perfect lip shape, you can enhance your shape through permanent makeup.

What to expect?

Eye Design uses advanced technology to provide a procedure that is less invasive with a quicker full lip tattoo healing process. Strong anaesthetics are used to ensure the procedure is painless as possible. In addition, we guarantee to work with you to ensure your new tattoo will look natural and enhance your current beauty.

How to wear it best?

Lip tattoos are not one size fits all and you will work with one of our specialists to decide what colour and shape you want before beginning the procedure, ensuring you get the exact look you desire.

Permanent lip colour can be worn by itself or with different shades of lipstick on top.  You will be surprised that your lipstick lasts longer when applied over the permanent lip colour than it did to the bare lip.

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So many factors play into the look of your tattoo once it is complete. Lips can vary in colour day-by-day depending on hydration, time of day, temperature, etc. We recommend that client use lip-gloss to enrich your natural lip look. 

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