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Due to massive online demand, we’ve moved our keratin lash lift and tint course fully online without sacrificing any of the quality. People are loving the online course, you’ve got to check it out!

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Summer Lash Extensions

Curling eyelashes give the illusion of longer, darker lashes, making the eyes pop and more alluring. As such, eyelash lifting is proving to be one of the hottest growing beauty treatments worldwide. Capitalise on this trend by learning the secrets of creating natural-looking, flawless lash lifts with Eye Design Sydney.

We use our own keratin lash lift products and we love our brand because it is of best quality, it sets in only 20 minutes and does not damage the customer lashes. Many other brands such as Elleebana are quite harsh on customer lashes and Yumi Lash or Dolly Lash take up to 1 hour to set making your service time too long, affecting your profitability.

Our trainers, led by our internationally trained founder Lara Vu, offer over a decade’s worth of experience including the most up-to-date techniques from around the world.

Learn invaluable theoretical knowledge along with hans-on practice, from product knowledge to lash lift and colour boost procedure. We discuss case studies highlighting best practices and the most common mistakes technicians make.

We ask that you perform the treatment on a person so that you can practise the new skill you’ve learned and also access our certification. We teach the most effective ways to correct errors and you can opt to receive a full kit in order to practise your new skills.

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  • Product Knowledge
  • Health & Safety
  • Client Consultation, Contraindications & Aftercare
  • Lash Lift & Colour Boost Procedure
  • Case Studies
  • Full Treatment Demonstration
  • … and more!

Was $399 and now $299 (25% off) course only, or just…
$399 with a Professional Kit included, was $499!

This is the most comprehensive online keratin lash lift course you’ll find on the web at this incredible price!

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