How to use teeth whitening strips

Using teeth whitening strips in the right way is a popular question for anyone. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use and can be effective at whitening teeth. This is a thin plastic paper that is applied to teeth to make them brighter. In this article, you can find all you need in whitening strips, such as their definition, the way to work, steps to use them, cost, and pros and cons.

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how to use teeth whitening strips
Whitening strips is whitening method

What are Teeth Whitening Strips?

how to use teeth whitening strips by technicians
The teeth will be coated by whitening strips at 90 minutes

The whitening gel on whitening strips is made of plastic and is coated on the thin, flexible strips. They are applied to the teeth and kept there for a predetermined amount of time, typically 30 minutes. The whitening gel contains a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down stains on the teeth.

This is a safe and effective way to whiten your teeth at home. However, it is essential to follow the instructions precisely and to be aware of any potential side effects.

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How do teeth they work?

In teeth whitening strips, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide plays a vital role in breaking down the stains. They work by adhering to the teeth and releasing the whitening gel.

how to use teeth whitening strips step by step
How to use teeth whitening strips in right way helping the whitening gel activate

The process will be performed by peroxides. It digs into the enamel and dentin layer, which is the outer layer of teeth. While deeply pervading the layer, it will bleach the chromogens which are the staining factors of your teeth.

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How to use Teeth Whitening Strips?

How to use teeth whitening strips in right way
Use whitening Strips in right way

Using teeth whitening strips is asked by those who are confused about whether they can make the teeth brigher. To make them more effective, you should do them step by step carefully, we have three stages of doing whitening strips. They are pre-apply, during-apply, and post-apply.

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The instructions are necessary for you. Therefore, you should strictly follow the instructions to prevent side effects and use it more efficiently.

Pre-apply, you need to do dental hygiene first, especially brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth can help the process easier because it permits chemicals of teeth whitening strips to enter the layer of teeth.


In the whitening strips process, there are 3 main steps that you should do:

  • Determine the correct place, which is the upper or lower strips to apply on
  • Dry your teeth, use a cheek retractor if needed, and be cautious to cover gums while applying.
  • Wait about 30 minutes; remember to keep the teeth dry throughout the process.


After applying the teeth whitening strips, you remove strips. You should be careful about the time you put into it. Don’t leave it too long because it can cause sensitive gums and teeth.

While putting it out, you should do dental hygiene again, such as rinsing with water or using mouthwash.

The cost

The cost of strips will range from $11 to $50. The price will depend on the brand and type. They are available at most drugstores and grocery stores.

how to use teeth whitening strips correctly
The whitening strips are more inexpensive than other types of teeth whitening

Pros and cons

A common over-the-counter method for teeth whitening is the use strips. They can be useful for whitening teeth and are convenient and reasonably priced. 

step by step how to use teeth whitening strips
How to use teeth whitening strips to get more benefits for teeth whitening process


  • Easy to use: The instruction is quite clear and easy to apply. You just need to do dental hygiene and wear a check retractor when applying the teeth whitening strips.
  • Reasonable cost: There are various prices and brands that you can choose based on your needs and budget.
  • Convenient: As it just requires putting it in the correct location in your dry teeth, you can easily do it at home.


  • Damage to gums: Some people don’t pay attention to the size of them or how to use the teeth whitening strips. They will be misplaced, which harms the gums. they can damage the gum or even burn it.
  • Uneven color: It is not ensured that about 100% of the whitening teeth are white when using strips. You should come to the dentist or salon to have your teeth balanced.

Overall, teeth whitening strips are a simple and easy way to do it at a reasonable cost. You can learn the definition, cost, how to use teeth whitening strips as well as the pros and cons at Eye Design Academy

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