Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanent makeup is just that, makeup that is permanent. This generally involves eyeliner, lip tattoos, or eyebrow tattoos. Permanent makeup gives you long-lasting results, allowing you to save time on your everyday makeup routine. Permanent cosmetics involves applying pigment into the skin to recreate the look of eyeliner, lip liner, or fully done eyebrows. This should be done by a professional artist, who will use specialised equipment to make for a safer experience.

Though needles are used in the procedure, the pain is significantly less than that of a traditional tattoo, as it is much gentler and less invasive.

Instead of the traditional microblade technique, we use a digital machine. This machine can more deeply penetrate the skin, making for a longer lasting tattoo.

Your skin type could change the results of the procedure. Those with oily skin may require more frequent touch ups, as the colour will probably fade faster.

Yes, a follow up appointment is included with your initial tattoo booking. Not everyone will need a follow up, but some will need colour touch ups. After the first follow up you will be charged for any subsequent touch ups.

Yes, stay away from alcohol and caffeine. You also cannot ingest aspirin or any other form of pain killers for 48 hours before your appointment. We ask you inform us if you’re taking any medicines or supplements, as these could affect your healing.

This is different for each person, as several factors can affect how long the pigment lasts. As a general rule, cosmetic tattoos will last anywhere from one to five years before a new procedure is needed. However, colour touch ups are recommended during this time. If you see changes in your colour, then you know it’s time for a touch up. Though permanent makeup is very low maintenance, it still requires some upkeep.

This depends on the treatment you choose and how detailed the desired result is. Some treatments take as little as one hour, but we recommend setting aside two to three hours for your procedure.

Though everyone differs, generally the skin is fully healed within a week.

No. Your artist will work with your natural eyebrows to better define them and integrate the pigment throughout.

Generally, colours appear darker and more intense immediately after the procedure. This will fade within a few days for a subtler look. Lips and eyes may swell a bit after being tattooed, but this will go away shortly.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions involve gluing 1 extension to 1 natural eyelash. Classic lashes are good for clients who have full eyelashes, but want to add more length. This type of extensions tends to look more natural, as it is a subtler look.

Russian volume extensions involve multiple lash extensions being glued to one natural eyelash. Very thin lashes are used to allow this to happen. Volume eyelash extensions give a fuller look, so they work well for clients who have thin or sparse natural eyelashes.

We use synthetic faux mink eyelash extensions. These extensions are very fine, so they don’t feel heavy on your eyes. They are long-lasting and don’t lose their curl when wet, making them more cost-effective, as they deliver more bang for your buck.

We will show you how to care for your lash extensions at your appointment. You cannot get your lash extensions wet up for up to 24 hours after your appointment.

Eyelash extensions can last 3-6 weeks, depending on the individual. They generally last through a full eyelash growth cycle, which is different for everyone. We recommend getting refills every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full.

No. Properly applied eyelash extensions won’t damage your natural eyelash growth. Extensions are attached to your natural lashes, so they will fall out when your natural lashes do.

No, getting eyelash extensions does not hurt at all. In fact, many people find it so relaxing they fall asleep during the procedure.

Yes, you can wear makeup with your extensions, but they generally eliminate the need for mascara. If you do choose to wear eye makeup with your extensions, it must be water-based and oil free.

Eyelash extensions will not be affected by sweat and water, so you can carry on with your normal activities. However, you should avoid getting your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your appointment to allow the glue to fully dry and bond to your lashes.

Natural eyelashes typically shed every 60 to 90 days. Touch ups are recommended after 2-4 weeks to replace the lashes that have since fallen out. Touch ups only take a short time and are generally inexpensive.

Yes, the adhesive we use for lash extensions is medical grade and totally safe for your eyes. It is long lasting but will not irritate your eyes. The eyelash extensions we use are of the highest quality, making them both safe and long lasting, so you’re getting the most out of your eyelash extensions!