How many different eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses?

Eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses have a vast array of choices, captivating beauty enthusiasts. Whether you seek to enhance your everyday look or prepare for a special occasion, you’ll find an assortment of lengths and thicknesses to transform your gaze into a mesmerizing work of art. The artistry lies in the hands of skilled lash technicians who meticulously select the perfect combination to accentuate your eyes, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful with every blink. The journey to finding the ideal eyelash extensions length and thickness begins, inviting you to discover a world of limitless possibilities that celebrate your individuality.

eyelash extension lengths
How many different eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses?

Eyelash Extension Lengths and Thickness - Overview

Eyelash extensions come in various lengths and thicknesses, allowing for customizable and personalized looks. The choice of eyelash extensions length and thickness depends on factors like your natural lashes, eye shape, desired outcome, and the expertise of your lash technician. Here’s a comprehensive overview of eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses:

  • Lengths: Eyelash extensions typically range from 6mm to 17mm, with increments of 0.5mm or 1mm. The most commonly used lengths are between 8mm and 14mm. Longer extensions create a more dramatic and fluttery effect, while shorter ones provide a natural and subtle enhancement.
  • Thickness: Eyelash extensions are available in different thicknesses, often referred to as diameters, measured in millimeters. Common thicknesses include 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm. Thinner extensions offer a lightweight and delicate look, while thicker ones provide a fuller and more voluminous appearance. The choice of thickness can significantly impact the final look, with thinner extensions providing a more natural appearance, and thicker extensions offering more volume and intensity.
  • Lash extension curl types: Besides lengths and thicknesses, eyelash extensions come in various curl types to complement different eye shapes and achieve specific styles. The most common curl types are J-curl (natural), B-curl (medium curl), C-curl (dramatic), D-curl (extra dramatic), and L-curl (lifted).
eyelash extension lengths
How many different eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses?

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Eyelash Extension Length Chart

An eyelash extension length chart is a visual reference tool used by lash technicians to display the available lengths of eyelash extensions. It serves as a guide for both the lash artist and the client during consultations, making it easier to select the desired lash style and achieve the perfect look. Here’s what you can typically find in an eyelash extension length chart:

In the eyelash industry, extensions come in various lengths, from 4 mm to ultra-long 30 mm. Beauty salons typically use 7-15 mm lengths, categorized as follows:

  • Short Lash Extensions (5-8 mm): Ideal for inner corners and a natural look, also for lower lashes.
  • Medium Lash Extensions (9-12 mm): The most popular, suitable for the center and outer corners.
  • Long Lash Extensions (13-16 mm): Used for center and outer corners on clients with longer lashes.
  • Very Long Lash Extensions (17-22 mm): Reserved for those with very long, healthy natural lashes, for dramatic styles.
  • Ultra-Long Lash Extensions (23-30 mm): Rarely used, mainly for special occasions.
Eyelash Extension Length Chart
Eyelash Extension Length Chart​

Eyelash Extension Thickness Chart

In the world of eyelash extensions, various diameters are available, ranging from 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm. However, for safety reasons, I never recommend using extensions thicker than 0.18 mm, as I will explain shortly.

  • Thin Lash Extensions: Extensions falling within the 0.03 to 0.07 mm range are classified as very thin. Typically, they find their application in volume-style extensions, where multiple extensions are affixed to a single natural lash.
  • Medium Lash Extensions: Extensions ranging from 0.10 to 0.12 mm are considered medium in thickness. They are a reliable choice for classic sets, where only one extension is attached to each natural lash. These are often used on clients with finer natural lashes.
  • Thick Lash Extensions: Lashes within the 0.15 mm to 0.18 mm range are the thickest extensions suitable for classic sets. It’s advisable to use them exclusively on clients with naturally thick and robust lashes.
  • Excessively Thick Lash Extensions: Extensions measuring 0.20 mm to 0.30 mm should be avoided altogether. Regardless of the natural lash thickness or strength, these extensions are invariably too heavy and pose potential risks.
different eyelash extension lengths
Eyelash Extension Thickness Chart

What Is The Perfect Lash Should I Get?

eyelash extension lengths
What Is The Perfect Lash Should I Get?​

When determining the ideal eyelash extension length, there’s a helpful rule to follow based on the client’s natural lashes. Generally, the best extension length is approximately 2 mm longer than the client’s own lashes. This rule ensures a natural appearance without overwhelming the natural lashes.

Lash artists typically use lashes in 3 or 4 different lengths to create a customized lash mapping. Key lash tips and tricks when selecting a length include:

Natural Lash Length: Extensions should not extend more than 2 mm beyond the client’s natural lashes. The natural lash line exhibits some length variation, so comparing extensions to natural lashes as you work is essential. Additionally, consider the distance from the eyelid, as extensions should not touch the skin, leaving a 1 mm gap.

Lash Style

  • Natural Style: Shorter extensions that closely match the client’s natural lash length.
  • Cat-Eye Style: Begin with shorter lashes near the inner corner and gradually lengthen toward the outer corner.
  • Dolly Eye Style: Longer lashes in the center, with shorter extensions at the inner and outer corners.

Lash Condition: If the client’s lashes are brittle, opt for shorter, lighter extensions. Healthier natural lashes can handle longer extensions, but adhering to the 2 mm rule is advisable.

In conclusion, the world of eyelash extensions offers a diverse selection of lengths and thicknesses to cater to individual preferences and styles. These numerous options allow for a wide range of looks, from natural and subtle to bold and dramatic, give lash technicians the flexibility to create personalized and customized lash styles that enhance the natural beauty of each individual’s eyes.

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