Permanently Beautiful Brows: Powder Effect Eyebrows

The Newest Brow Beauty Trend

Strong, fully shaped eyebrows are becoming the norm and not just with the celebrity faces you see on TV. Makeup artists are calling eyebrows “picture frames” and if you have a nice frame, it allows the viewer to focus on the picture itself. Brows help accentuate the main feature: the eyes. Bold manicured eyebrows help to achieve a younger look and you can accomplish this with Powder Effect Brows.

Woman in Picture FrameBig Time Waster

The average Aussie woman spends around 30 minutes a day applying makeup. In total, this adds up to be a year and three months over a person’s entire life span. That’s a lot of time! This figure doesn’t even include any additional time taken on weekends for that extra special event you may be attending. Some of our clients who choose permanent makeup as an option, do so to save themselves time and effort.

Especially during the summer months, we hear time and time again that women enjoying their summer holiday want to be able to get up and go, looking their best with minimal time spent in the hotel room getting ready. Mothers have their hands full during the summer while their kids are out of school and the ability to spend time on yourself to achieve that perfect look gets harder and harder. Women today want to look beautiful without all the effort and they want to do it efficiently.

The Perfect Summer Look

How to Achieve the Perfect Look

Powder Effect Brows is a technique recommended for people with oily skin or for those who are looking for a more subtle, soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows. This technique closely mimics the appearance of more conventional eyebrow makeup.

Powder Effect Brows

This long-lasting method involves tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin to build up the colour and shape. Powder effect brows are ideal for enhancing your natural colour or shape, as they help define what is already there. This method of eyebrow tattooing is the most long lasting, as the pigment is implanted more deeply into the skin.

Powder Effect Brows

The Benefits:

  • Provides a fashionable brow look
  • Best procedure for oily skin
  • Longest lasting method
  • Popular with blonde clients and more mature clients

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